We’ve got the best tips and tricks for all our brides and grooms to be covering topics from managing your bridesmaids to choosing the correct colour scheme. Check this blog regularly to keep up to date with practical advice for your wedding planning, general coordination and your sanity! 

Choosing Your Bridal Train

CHOOSING YOUR BRIDAL TRAIN He’s popped the question and now it’s your turn but how do you decide who will be on your bridal train? This age-old debate can cause offence and rifts bet...

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Picture Perfect

PICTURE PERFECT HOW TO ENSURE THAT YOU GET THE PICTURES YOU WANT ON YOUR WEDDING DAY In preparation for My Dream Wedding Fair, we met with Dorothy Oginni from 49p Social Media to do a promo shoot. We ...

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Black Girls Looks in the Distance

You didn’t lose weight, now what?

You didn’t lose weight, now what? A cheatsheet so you can enjoy your day! You’re getting ready for the biggest day of your life but you haven’t dropped all the pounds you wanted to, this is something ...

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Black Flower Girls in Yellow

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Bridesmaids’ Dresses Myth v Reality He’s popped the question and so have you! You asked your closest friends to be your bridesmaids. Now there’s only one issue: how do you choose a dress that suits ev...

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Pink Flowers

I’ll Bring You Flowers…

I’ll Bring You Flowers… Life after the wedding the day! On average, couples spend just over £600 on flowers at their weddings. To grow, these flowers needed light, water and soil. Your marriage ...

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Black Woman Smiles and Looks Down

Choosing Your Colour Scheme

Choosing Your Colour Scheme Prep for the picture perfection When your choosing your wedding colour scheme, the hot debate is compliment or contrast. Do you go for colours within the same spectrum like...

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Silver and Gold balloons


Balloons More than just kids’ play! When you think of wedding decor, what springs to mind? Drapery, greenery, candles? Check out 2018’s latest trend: Balloons! These helium-filled balls of colou...

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Black Woman Makes A List


Delegate Finding peace of mind in the planning process Every bride wants their day to be perfect, so much so, they begin to obsess over every detail and can’t seem to relinquish control. You’re not su...

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