Choosing Your Bridal Train


He’s popped the question and now it’s your turn but how do you decide who will be on your bridal train? This age-old debate can cause offence and rifts between families and friends so it is a delicate line to tread but you must be true to yourself.

Many brides consider in the length of their relationship, whether the person is a blood-relative (to her fiancé or herself) and financial contributions – who’s got the most disposable cash, but these are all flawed factors in the decisioning process. Duration does not equate to proximity, blood may be thicker than water but this doesn’t imply that they will be the most cooperative or beneficial person in the process, and just because a friend is can eliminate some wedding costs doesn’t mean you should use/abuse the friendship.

Another deciding point is who will gel well together. Be realistic, if there are arch nemesis within your circle of friends, they may not be the best choice of bridesmaids. You’ll have to decide to pick one, the other or neither for the sake of peace. Ultimately, your bridesmaids should be friends that will support you in the planning phase, friends who can be honest and helpful, and friends who you would like to honour for their contribution to your relationship or your life.

The honest truth is, it’s okay if your bridal train isn’t symmetrical. The guys can double up with the ladies or the men can stand with the groom and the bridesmaids walk up the aisle individually. With a good photographer, the imbalance in the wedding party picture formation can made more discreet. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t pick bridesmaids for the aesthetics – they need to be your nearest and dearest; the ones that have have already made significant contributions to your life and your relationship.

If you’re still stuck, here are 5 questions to ask yourself when choosing your bridal train:

  1. Who is my most reliable friend?
  2. Who would I call in a crisis?
  3. Who can calm me down?
  4. Who is a good decision maker?
  5. Who is willing to muck in?

Once you’ve decided who’s on the bridal train, here’s the fun part! How will you be asking your friends to take up the role of bridesmaid?


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