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You didn’t lose weight, now what?

You didn’t lose weight, now what?

A cheatsheet so you can enjoy your day!

You’re getting ready for the biggest day of your life but you haven’t dropped all the pounds you wanted to, this is something almost every bride can relate to. Fear not – we’re talking body confidence.

A lot of brides and bridesmaids put unrealistic pressure on themselves to be picture perfect. What often happens is they don’t meet their goal and end up being body conscious the whole day. It is important to be fit and healthy but don’t get yourself down. When it comes to goal be realistic and shed the pounds safely.

Aside from exercise and shapewear, here are three techniques we’ve got to hide those problem areas:

  1. Use your bouquet to cover your midriff. By having your arms angled away from your body you create more shape and your flowers can hide the kangaroo pouch.
  2. Wear heels, this pops out your booty and your bust creating a more hourglass silhouette. Go for a block heel and platform! It spreads the weight more evenly and means you’ll still be able to walk the next day!
  3. Forget the critics and have fun! Being slim is overrated. Your fiancé is marrying you: lumps, bumps and all. Looks fade but character doesn’t. Keep yourself in high spirits and let your personality shine through!

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